Become a Student


Only students enrolled with Institute are permitted to write its examinations. All students are required to pay their annual subscriptions by not later than February 28 in each year. Application forms for enrollment or registration are available fro download from the website. The appropriate enrollment and annual subscription fees must accompany the relevant Application. Enrollment or registration as a Student confers no grade of professional membership and no voting rights.


Original Copies of education certificates and Birth Certificates, certified by the Commissioner of Oaths, must accompany every application for enrolment. The minimum qualification is ‘FIVE’ subjects at GCE ‘O’ Level including ENGLISH AND MATHEMATICS with a “C” or better symbol, plus a minimum of any points at two ‘A’ Level subjects. The Institute may, at its discretion, in exceptional circumstances, approve an Application for enrolment from a candidate who has not fully satisfied the normal enrolment requirements set out.


The course comprises sixteen subjects. The Students shall write the following subjects;

Agency and Auctioneering


Bookkeeping and Finance [external exam]EAC

Estate Agency Act

Property Management


Building Construction I [Basics]

Building Construction II [Defects]

Law I [Mercantile] Law II [Land]

Town Planning I [Background]

Town Planning II [Statutory]

Valuation I [Basics]

Valuation II [Valuation Tables]

Valuation III [Advanced]

Valuation IV [Statutory]

The Student may choose which subjects to study. There is no laid down procedure as to the order in which to sit exams, except Building Construction, Law, Town Planning and Valuation, where the exams must be taken in sequence. All relevant subjects must be passed, or exemption granted, before the candidate becomes eligible for membership. Maximum period for passing all subjects is six years, otherwise the applicant must start again.


Course material for study of each subject is available at REIZ office for each subject, with exception of Bookkeeping and Finance.


The enrolment fee for students registering for first time is non refundable if registration is declined. In addition, there is an annual subscription payable by students for Student Membership of the Institute. Examination entry fees are charged per subject.

Examinations entry forms, together with appropriate fees, must be submitted to the Institute before the end of February and August each year. No Student shall be permitted to write any examinations unless he has purchased and fully paid for the relevant correspondence course for the subject. Those Students who fail a subject at the first attempt will be required to pay for rewriting in addition to the examination fee. Employers financing costs of the course undertaken by their own employees may,under certain conditions, claim rebates from ZIMDEF, as the course is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education for this purpose.