Become a Member of REIZ

After successful completion of examinations, or exemption therefrom,and having gained two years practical experience in Zimbabwe in the office of an Estate Agent and/orValuer,(or in a position which, in the opinion of the Institute Board is equivalent to experience obtained in an Estate Agent or Valuer’s office), a Student is entitled to apply to the Board to be registered as a Licentiate.

Employment by the Government, Local Authorities, Banks, Building Societies or similar Institutions or Organisations, may not be considered by the Institute to be relevant experience to qualify for Institute Membership. A letter from the Student’s employer advising duties carried out,should be submitted to the Institute for consideration by the Education Committee together with the application for Licentiate membership.

A Student will also have to satisfy the Institute Board as to his/her character and suitability for admission. Once admitted as Licentiate, a member can proudly write letters LREI after his/her name and hang a Certificate of Membership on the wall, thus entering a challenging career and qualifying for participation in the affairs of a widely recognized Institute