REIZ Celebrates 75th Anniversary

On February 12, 1945, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, professionals from the real estate industry met for the first time as the then called Southern Rhodesia Institute of Estate Agents and Valuers. Later on a Constitution, Rules and Byelaws were adopted, under which the Institute has pursed its objectives up to this day, and some years later initiated action which resulted in the Estate Agents Act and the Valuers Act.

The Institute changed its name along the way to Auctioneers, Estate Agents & Valuers Institute of Zimbabwe (AEVI) and later on adopted the current name: The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe (REIZ).
This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the vision and mission those individuals had—to elevate the training profession and support the work of everyone who is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills in real estate. As an industry we also celebrate 75 years of professionalism.
The 75th birthday celebrations will be held in the course of the year. The event will coincide with our annual prestigious celebrations, the Winter School, AGM & Annual Dinner.

The anniversary will also provide a fitting opportunity for the exchange and the sharing of those fundamental values which we uphold and strive to accomplish together. The Institute seeks to remain as a relevant provider of professional services. This will see the Institute increasing its focus on research and training through Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
If you were to picture Zimbabwe as it was in 1945, when REIZ was founded, and compare it with the picture of it in 2020, you would see many changes, large and small. New buildings exist, infrastructure has developed, and places once considered remote have now developed to levels which were unimaginable 75 years ago.

Through its existence and the capacitation of its members REIZ, has defined the skyline of many towns and cities in the country. Our members in their various capacities from stake holders, CEOs, Senior Practitioners, Property Managers, in fact at all levels in the property value chain, continue to do so.

Our profession has evolved to meet the requirements of a changing world and a dynamic business environment.
With you, we are celebrating 75 years of an important vision and mission, and throughout 2020 we’ll be sharing reflections, articles, insights, and backward glimpses of our history.
After all, this anniversary is really a celebration for all as real estate is omnipresent and impacts the lives of all citizens of Zimbabwe in one way or another.

Here’s to the next 75 years!

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